Casa di Carta - Netflix
3rd series launch event Milano

Event Production

To launch on Netflix of the 3rd season of the Casa di Carta series the agency Publicis developed a visual concept around a very famous statue in Milan. The statue by Maurizio Cattelan shows its middle finger to the Stock Exchange Building of Milan, so it was the perfect starting point target for this idea.

We built a statue with the famous Dalì mask incorporating the marble hand and finger - a very delicate operation considering the value of the statue we were working around. 

The event took place over a 3 days span, starting from photo shoot with the Tv series stars, flown secretly from Spain, to the projection of the first 2 episodes on a large screen with a public of 5,000 people. 
All details were carefully studied and executed, from the stickers on the popcorn to the pillows to sit on the floor.

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