Fastweb — Moscova to Shibuya
Event arti direction and Executive Production

From Milano to Tokyo in 30”: the first ever advertising stunt and domination in Milano was thought by creative agency MCSaatchi to promote the fastest connection of Fastweb.

The subway station of Moscova in the center of Milano was transformed during one night in a proper set, representing the subway stop of Shibuya.

My work as executive and artistic producer  included, street-casting hundreds of asian extras, finding the biggest expert in japanese streetwear and fashion for the styling, recording japanese news for the monitors, importing japanese newspapers of the day for the
newstand and finding the coreographer and crew for the japanese dance flash mob.
Even the real broken escalator was equipped with japanese signage and uniformed worker. - with typical white gloves.

More than 17,000 people passed by the station and were thrown into a time/space warp. many were so confused, looking from ,the train they missed the stop!

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