#L1F3 — Genertel
Executive Production

For the launch of a new Genertel store the agency MCSaatchi in Milano wanted to prove that Genertel can actually
provide you with the best imaginable protection, so we staged the most
unpredictable car accident ever.
A submarine sailing the underground canals of Milan, breaking
through the pavement and hitting a car. Emergency vehicles, ambulances and
more than 50 actors helped make the scene even more realistic, along with
fake news articles and videos published in the local press. 

Myself and my team handled the event as if it was a daylong set, with proper actors and scripts to make it believable  and passerbys stood astonished for the whole day. 

more than 80,000 passerbys stopped surprised that day.

the submarine was built in Rome, in the Cinecittà studios, and transported and built onsite the night before

The stunt worked incredibly well for the maximum realism of the construction, the secrecy we kept around it and the huge “show” we put up for the media the day it appeared.

Numbers were incredible: 
80.000 eyewitnesses / 5.00 people drawn to the store / #L1F3
trend topic / 5.000.000 twitter impression / 200.00 facebook
interactions / Almost 7.000.000 youtube view’s / Over 100.000.000
worldwide estimated reach

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