Casa Vogue Brazil
november 2021

The project of house renovation in 5 terre has reached worldwide press coverage. Publications include an extensive article on Casa Vogue Brazil of November 2021 - part of a series of articles entitled “at home with ..” that explore the private abodes of creative people around the world.

April 2016

The total architectural and functional renovation of a huge public building to transform it into a cultural center with hotel and entertainment areas such as BASE in Milano has reached both generic and specialized press, like the prestigious italian Abitare magazine that dedicated a major article to the concept and interior.

Country Living Modern Rustic
Issue #20 

This beautiful article on issue #20 of Country Living in 2021 titled after a very famour song, shows the renovation of my little house in 5 terre through many pages of beautiful photographs and a few captions. here our house is in good company of many nature oriented houses.
Cose di Casa
January 20178

This italian magazine is specialized in thorough reports on interior design and renovations. the article takes you through the many details of my interior project for this apartment in Milano that i did in 2011. 

dCasa La Repubblica
November 2016
La Repubblica -second largest daily newspaper in Italy - has a monthly magazine, dCasa, dedicated to interior design where this Milan residence has been published in an article that well explains the criteria that guided me in the renovation.
Elle Decoration
April 2019

The interior design of CasaBase - the small Hotel/hostel/residence of 10 rooms of BASE Milano - found coverage on the national and international press, also making it to the hot list of Milan design places in the French Elle Decoration issue of April 2021 together with some other extremely cool projects and people.

Ideat Contenporary life
Sept. Oct. 2016 

The interior design of CasaBase - the small Hotel/hostel of 10 rooms of Base Milano - found coverage, among others, on Ideat, the well known french magazine that even put it on the cover. 
D di Repubblica 
29 May 2021

The interior design of our house  in 5 terre was also published on the most widespread magazine D - connected to daily newspaper La Repubblica - in a short but poetic article.

Natural Style
September 2022

This tiny house and garden is my most treasured place. Among the others Natural Style covered the interior design project in a lifestyle article on the issue of September 2021.

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