Private House
Interior Design 

The apartment is located in a 19th century building overlooking a central piazza of milan. The view is stunning and feels very modern and international. The light is wonderful all year round.

Chapter V
Worlds Innumerable; Strange Mankinds


Guest Room 

Master Bedroom

The flat had been previously renovated and unfortunately the ceiling had been lowered significantly and the main door opened on a dark corridor.

In this renovation I decided to keep the general layout with minor adjustments in plan. Only a few tiny hidden spaces and niches were cut out - study, wine cellar, tv closet, laundry room, wardrobe.

In this way a two bedroom apartment feels like a proper house, with areas dedicated to each function.
I concentrated on a few elements to radically change the flat: the colour - various shades of grey, the  wooden panelling, the sliding doors opening onto the main corridor, the long open plan kitchen.

Aside from a few vintage pieces, i design all furniture to have it custom made by local artisans.

Furniture is mostly vintage or custom made by local artisans - on my design.

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