h+ office Milan
Interior Design

When event company h+ moved to a beautiful 1920 villa in an up and coming neighborhood of milano, the villa was turning 100 years old and it needed some minor renovation in the interior and some gardening.

The structure and all the wonderful liberty architectural detailings - ceilings stuccos, floors and woodwork on doors and windows - were left untouched but i worked on the general color scheme and total renovation of the basement to make it into a working space and functional kitchen.

A lot of the work was also adapting the existing furniture into smaller rooms with a totally different mood. Also all the design lamps were adjusted in the common areas and office spaces.
I also worked on the layout of the garden, the lighting project for it.  A sort of wintergarden in a corner of the garden was turned into a small meeting room with a table for common lunches placed under a huge persimon tree.

Fastweb — Moscova to Shibuya
Event arti direction and Executive Production

From Milano to Tokyo in 30”: the first ever advertising stunt and domination in Milano was thought by creative agency MCSaatchi to promote the fastest connection of Fastweb.

The subway station of Moscova in the center of Milano was transformed during one night in a proper set, representing the subway stop of Shibuya.

My work as executive and artistic producer  included, street-casting hundreds of asian extras, finding the biggest expert in japanese streetwear and fashion for the styling, recording japanese news for the monitors, importing japanese newspapers of the day for the
newstand and finding the coreographer and crew for the japanese dance flash mob.
Even the real broken escalator was equipped with japanese signage and uniformed worker. - with typical white gloves.

More than 17,000 people passed by the station and were thrown into a time/space warp. many were so confused, looking from ,the train they missed the stop!


enel EXPO 2015 — Milan
Pavillion design and experience supervision - content elaboration - executive production 

Enel partecipated in EXPO 2015 in MIlan 2015 proviing the smart grid electrifying the hwole Expo site and with a Pavillion with educational purposes.

I was heading the team that put together the project from the idea to the production, from choosing the architectural studio (Piùarch) that designed and built the pavillion ground up to developing all the content and the visitors’ experience together with the marketing team at Enel and interaction design experts Todo from Torino. 

The pavillon was built in 9 months on a surface of 900 sqm on the Expo site.


The concept was that of a forest of light, made of 650 luminous poles, mounted on a “smart grid” that controlled light colour and sound, interacting with the people who walked through it.

Visitors explored the pavillion’s content walking along a 100 mt long path that had video and graphic information about the smart grid and the way energy can be produced and consumed more responsibly.  

Halfway through the walk they encountered the control room, where the data about consuption of energy throughout the Expo site was made visible through real time graphics.

An emotional video explained how energy is the lymph of our daily lives.  
I was also executive producer of all the videos in the pavillion, collaborating in the script and art direction of them.

Interior Design 
2015 — 2020

BASE is a public cultural center housed in the former Ansaldo Factory, a building of 12,000sqm  originally erected between 1904 and 1923 in the heart of the Tortona Design district in Milan.

In 1989 the complex became the property of Milan City Council who changed its function to cultural activities, communal working spaces, artistic residency, exhibits, concerts and lectures.

Following the change of functions the building underwent  complete renovation between 2015 and 2016, then partially opened while continuing  renovation until 2018.
For this project I was in charge not only of the interior design but also of determing the distribution of the general functions and look and feel of the place.

Starting from a study of functions and target public, I worked with the team of architects and engineers to develop floor plans, distribution, materials and lighting.

For the interior design I was entirely responsible of choosing mood, color schemes, materials, furniture and fixtures, down to the art direction of the final accessories. 

The lounge area on the ground floor - open daily till midnight - hosts events of all kinds but it is also home to many different people coming in daily to enjoy some quiet time, work, study, use the free wifi.

The space needs to be very flexible because of the different events it hosts yet it is conceived to have a daily set up that is cosy and welcoming, with a cafeteria open all day. 
I chose furniture and lighting to make people feel home, through a combination of vintage, contemporary and made to measure pieces. 

I also curated the exterior courtyard with bar and the 4th floor green terrace - together with the great garden designer Susanna Magistretti.

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