enel EXPO 2015 — Milan
Pavillion design and experience supervision - content elaboration - executive production 

Enel partecipated in EXPO 2015 in MIlan 2015 proviing the smart grid electrifying the hwole Expo site and with a Pavillion with educational purposes.

I was heading the team that put together the project from the idea to the production, from choosing the architectural studio (Piùarch) that designed and built the pavillion ground up to developing all the content and the visitors’ experience together with the marketing team at Enel and interaction design experts Todo from Torino. 

The pavillon was built in 9 months on a surface of 900 sqm on the Expo site.


The concept was that of a forest of light, made of 650 luminous poles, mounted on a “smart grid” that controlled light colour and sound, interacting with the people who walked through it.

Visitors explored the pavillion’s content walking along a 100 mt long path that had video and graphic information about the smart grid and the way energy can be produced and consumed more responsibly.  

Halfway through the walk they encountered the control room, where the data about consuption of energy throughout the Expo site was made visible through real time graphics.

An emotional video explained how energy is the lymph of our daily lives.  
I was also executive producer of all the videos in the pavillion, collaborating in the script and art direction of them.

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